Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. If I study in Australia how long will it take me to get a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) ?
A 1. The CPL course is 48 weeks so with breaks it is approximately a year. If you wish to study for the instrument rating additional to the CPL you need to allow another 4-6 months.

Q 2. Where do I get my aviation medical?
A 2. There are Designated Approved Medical Examiners (DAME) approved by CASA that reside in India. If you visit you can view the list of overseas approved DAMEs. Also Tristar Aviation can recommend a DAME that we have previously used to you. For information email for further information.

Q 3. What are the education requirements for the CPL?
A 3. Students who wish to obtain an Indian CPL, the DGCA require a pass in 10+2 Maths and Physics.

Q 4. What if I am a commerce student and don’t have maths and physics, can I still gain a CPL?
A 4. Yes you can obtain the CPL in Australia as the maths and physics in only a DGCA requirement. However before you can convert your CPL to the Indian equivalent, you will need to take the independent board examinations for 10+2 in Maths and Physics, (Tristar have had students in the past follow this pathway with no issue after receiving private tuition in the maths and physics subjects)

Q 5. How do I convert my Australian CPL to the Indian CPL?
A 5. On return to India you have to clear the conversion papers (these may also be completed prior to you coming to Australia to minimise time). You will also have to pass a flight check with a local Indian flight school.

Q 6. I wear glasses can I still become a Commercial Pilot?
A 6. The vision requirements are corrected vision, however if you have concerns discuss this with the DAME.

Q 7. What type of medical do I need to get for the Commercial Pilot Licence?
A 7. There are two classes of pilot medical a Class 1 is required for a Commercial Pilot Licence. A Private Pilot Licence requires a Class 2.

Q 8. Do I need an instrument rating after my Commercial Pilot Licence?
A 8. Generally if you are looking at applying to an airline after completion of your CPL the airline is likely to require you to have an instrument rating (IFR). It is best to check direct with the airline to see what their latest requirements are.

Q 9. Have any of your students completed the course and gone on to fly for airlines?
A 9. Yes we have several students who have completed training with us and are now employed in airlines across the world, including Jetairways, Indigo, Spicejet, Air India Express, Qatar, Emirates and Gulfair.

Q10. How do I pay the fees for the course?
A10. As an international student you will receive a payment schedule at the time of enrolment. Payment is generally in instalments and payment is made electronically on the dates listed in the schedule.

Q11. Where do I get help for processing my visa?
A11. Tristar Aviation can provide you with details of a visa processing agent to assist you in obtaining the student visa. For further details please email

Q12. Do I need to wear a uniform for the training?
A12. Yes, a uniform is included in the price of the course. It is important right from the beginning you start to look and behave like a professional pilot.

Q13. Does your course fee include landing fees?
A13. Yes, there is a list of inclusion in the course information.

To make an enquiry, call +61 3 9580 6200.